Posted by: trisigmatic | November 9, 2016



I saw the spiral sweep

of planets born from dust

the snow-borne chill

of falling dreams

and rivers dried to rust

The grief, the pain, the shock, the fall

my child’s hand warm in mine

and footsteps, paired,

and hearts, and souls,

a robin’s song

a gentle word

unsilenced, still

and steadfast

while this winter grips our world.



  1. Brilliant!

  2. Reblogged this on Passing Time and commented:
    Katharine Inskip’s poem speaks to my heart today. She’s found words where I can’t.

  3. Beautifully written. It seems there are so many sad people subsequent to this election. I may not live in the States but I studied and worked there decades ago. I don’t recognise it any more: the acrimony, the hatred of innovation and race -the very things which made America the Great Experiment 400 years ago are lost. This has to be a call to arms, the beginning of a new rebellion. American can never be the country it was in the 1950s -and would we want that? Where minorities were hated and vitriol lived between picket fences. I hope someone in the REP party has the courage to stand against his vile promises, but I expect those REPs who despised him and were sarcastically sure of his demise now line up to shake his hand.

    • I’m hopeful of a better outcome one day. I’m always hopeful. But I’m /certain/ that a lot of people are going to suffer in the interim.

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