Posted by: trisigmatic | April 11, 2017


So, this is a poem I wrote in an attempt to come up with something SFnal on the theme of garbage. I started out with the idea of telomeres, and the repeating pattern of base pairs – TTAGGG // AATCCC – and how that might become corrupted over time. It seemed to fit with the idea of intertwining lives, with the pattern breaking down and things generally falling apart.

What I got was this nasty little piece on growing up weird, and failed friendships. No prizes for spotting the autobiographical elements.  I think it’s got bite, but it’s moved so far from the seed idea that that’s the weakest part of it. So here you go: a very broken poem, that I don’t want to touch again with a ten foot pole…




Oh. Hey.

Do I… know you?

Don’t you remember?  That summer. Up in the hills, in the valley we found? The gritstone quarry with the birches and oak, the heather and gorse, and the world below.  

The trees at gorse green grove, that was what we called it.
And after that cautious, clouded climb….

That was you?
God, the things I got up to back then.

Do you miss it?

Those days?

Those. Between seasons and schools-

-the top-40 singles and shithead games?

Lipstick samples and rolled-down socks-

-shared albums-

-and dreams. Sketches-

-of horses? Or in your case, flying unicorns wasn’t it?
What was it you called them again?

Sketches of horses and promises kept.
We climbed the trees at gorse green grove-

-and we practised kissing.
Just in case, I suppose.

We climbed the trees at gorse green grove-

-and threw acorns at stupid crows, didn’t we?

That was later.


And it was me. Or rather… you weren’t just throwing them at crows.
Don’t you remember us at all? That first summer we met?

You were a strange thing then.
So oddly obsessed.

So were-

You’re still strange now.
Weirder, maybe.

I remember the night-

-when you wanted to meet at midnight
to watch shooting stars? And we crept out?
Did we actually do that? It’s all a bit of a blur now.

We used to spend the whole weekend up there. Up in the trees at gorse green grove…

I honestly can’t believe we did that. You saddo.


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