Posted by: trisigmatic | April 22, 2017

One week, two stories

Well, this HAS been a busy week – I had two flash stories published!  If you fancy a read, you can find Snails (a formative experience for a young child) at The Flash Fiction Press, and The Morning After (you CAN consume too much celebrity gossip…) at 101 words.

Interestingly, I’ve also realised that there’s a big difference between posting fanfic and posting actual stories when it comes to how the writer engages with the reader.  At AO3 and the Pit of Voles, I’m used to a community environment. I’m open to concrit and discussion, and enjoy engaging with other fans. Stories are written to be shared, and the stories themselves are part of the conversation. I share my interpretation of the world and the characters, and sometimes it’s cracky and sometimes it’s canon-consistent… but it’s still not canon. I expect the reader to have their own interpretation, and so do they. We’re all exploring someone else’s world, and if it’s not on quite the same footing, it’s at least equivalent. But with original fic, it’s different. The presence of an author in a conversation can be hugely counterproductive – can the story belong to the reader in the same way as it did without the author chiming in willy-nilly?

So. Consider this a Note To Self. This is my space. That is not.



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