Short Fiction

Snails – published at the Flash Fiction Press, April 19 2017. The invertebrate apocalypse, through the innocent lens of a young child’s narrative.

The Morning After – 101 word drabble published at (surprise!) 101 words. April 18 2017. Inspired by the Daily Fail’s sidebar of shame and the question of what the world might be like if people consumed celebrities a little more literally?

A Coat of Salt and Sand – written for the Cast of Wonders flash fiction contest, and published as part of episode 237, Feb 28 2017.  Friendship and becoming, and finding your true self.

No particular place to go – written November 2015. The Opportunity Mars Rover becomes conscious. And it isn’t the only intelligent life-form on Mars… Told as an illustrated sequence of drabbles, linked back to the NASA mission logs.

Slow Accelerations – a somewhat surreal space opera, written December 2014. The Delphinus mission isn’t going quite as planned…

[Currently on hiatus] The Catch – written 26th July 2014 & onwards – liveblogged Broken Mirror story with the Dunesteef folks [part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5]

The Mosquito Room – Written August 2013 for The Dunesteef (audio available here) – the one thing you don’t want while The Company is in damage control mode is a bloody tour group traipsing after you all day…


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